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Newbie ‘noodle’ is a knockout in business psychology awards

Just one year since launch, the innovative bitesize online learning platform, noodle was shortlisted in the ‘Excellence In Learning Interventions’ category of the 2021 Association of Business Psychology Awards.

Following a sumptuous awards ceremony in London celebrating ‘excellence in business psychology’ on Thursday, 24th March, the awards team interviewed all the winners, and those shortlisted, and prepared case studies.

noodle is delighted to have been featured and you can read all about our journey, on pages 19-21.

Why noodle captured the interest of the judges

The judges were impressed by the way noodle was launched during the pandemic in 2021 in response to changing needs for learning to be delivered in a different – quick, easy and impactful – way, particularly for those organisations whose staff are not typically in front of a computer.

They also liked the fact that noodle provides accessible leadership and management training for junior to senior-level managers, in a format which is fun, sticky, memorable and transferable.

Workplace learning should be fun

noodle creators, Kate Wood and Max Gooding, directors of leadership and management training consultancy firm, Gooding & Wood, strongly believe in making all our working days better.

Kate Wood, Director of Gooding & Wood said, “noodle was borne out of a demonstrable need for short, highly visual, digital learning experiences which could be easily accessible by tablet or phone, anytime, anywhere. During the pandemic and subsequent “great resignation”, many people are finding themselves in management roles without having access to training and learning at a time when they need it most. Our short, interchangeable modules provide a new psychological approach to learning, which is easily accessible and enables people to better retain and implement the knowledge they are gaining.”

Max Gooding, director at Gooding and Wood, added, “We are thrilled that noodle has been recognised as an innovative solution for the needs of today’s post-pandemic learners.”

noodle challenges the norm

Our clients tell us that noodle is successful as it addresses many issues, including:

• Increasing demand for remote or hybrid working, and the accompanying need for flexible learning approaches

• A shortage of capable and confident managers who reflect the diversity of the UK workforce, who can help address the UK’s low productivity compared to the rest of Europe

• GenZ learning preferences for more micro-learning and visual solutions

• Rising mental-health problems, exacerbated by remote working

• Increased pressure on time allocated by employers to develop their people

• Emerging evidence of the neurological and psychological impacts of increased screen time

• Difficult managerial, leadership and communication situations, placing unnecessary stress on all those involved.

noodle taps into the ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach, in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. When businesses then bring their people together, the time becomes more dynamic, interactive and a fully experiential learning environment, where individuals get to practise and learn with one another.

noodle is grateful for the recognition

We are delighted to have been recognised for improving access to quality training support for people who find themselves as ‘accidental managers’, and helping businesses ensure their managers become more confident, leading happier and more productive teams that drive company growth and development.

Read the case study here.

If you'd like to chat about how noodle can help you, contact us at

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