Kate & Max are the brains behind noodle, your secret ingredient to management success.

After years of working with people who were struggling to find out how to get things done better, they realised too many people become managers of others by accident. 


They're the ones who've been around longest, or shown skills in a certain area - but they don't get taught how to manage before they get the job title.

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noodle doodle
noodle doodle

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Unfortunately, budgets for serious management development training  are usually only available in larger organisations or are reserved for a relatively small percentage of leaders.  

Also, getting access to development often means finding precious time away from the role...or just winging it.


Accidental managers deserve the support and insight - now - that privileged leaders get over years. 


Enough is enough. 

With noodle, now you can learn how to get the best from other human beings at work and at home too. 

We're giving you quick, easy access to all the lessons we learned - sometimes by accident.