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bite-sized digital learning at its best

Psychological and behavioural foundations that support your people to be happy, resilient, motivated & productive.

Animated content designed to be engaging, and sticky.

fundamentally making a difference

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Readily accessible on mobiles tablets & PCs.

...distilled into 5-minute animations that are simple & sticky.

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...applicable and transferrable across multiple situations and settings, at work and at home. 

concepts, frameworks, tools & techniques to help your people feel positive and have impact...

customised approach

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Micro-learning, available on our globally accessible learning platform or integrated into your learning infrastructure. A range of different approaches to choose from that support your learning environment & agenda.

noodle platform example
big rocks activity sheet


tailored programs

supporting content

Choose from our library of noodles (digital animations). Or, work with us to create bespoke noodles specific to your organisation.

Easily designed programs tailored to your learning agenda.  With user participation data and qualitative feedback.

Downloadable activity sheets, workbooks, learning practitioner Talk-it and optional discussion boards.


how noodle works


Identify the

topic areas relevant

to your

learning agenda.

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Choose the

relevant noodles

for each topic

from our library. 


Select the optimum delivery approach for your


people & budget.

we also have bespoke solutions...

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

ABP Awards Runner Up.png

noodle is proud to be the Excellence in Learning runner up in the ABP Awards 2021 (announced in 2022) following our first year of creation.

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